Allison Cherer

[ 엘리슨 체르 ]

Alison is a versatile artist who likes using a variety of media and doesn't miss an opportunity to try something new. In the studio, she has experimented with mosaics, printmaking, batik, and glass. Her current mediums of choice include clay, Venetian plaster and fluid acrylic paint. According to Alison, she gets inspiration from her hobbies, including participating in Special Olympics and watching sports, especially hockey and football. She loves to attend Flames hockey games and Stampeder football games on weekends and enjoys sharing stories of her adventures with her fellow artists. While her work often reflects sports-related imagery or references to popular culture, she also likes to paint animals and landscapes. Recently, Alison was a National accessArts Centre delegate for Artist Connect, an online Disability Arts exchange connecting communities of artists from across Canada.

Alison은 다양한 매체 사용을 좋아하고 새로운 시도의 기회를 놓치지 않는 다재다능한 아티스트입니다. 스튜디오에서 그녀는 모자이크, 판화, 바틱 및 유리를 실험했습니다. 그녀의 현재 선택 매체는 점토, 베네치아 석고 및 액체 아크릴 물감입니다. 앨리슨에 따르면 그녀는 스페셜 올림픽 참가와 스포츠, 특히 하키와 축구 관전을 포함한 취미에서 영감을 얻습니다.


I am a versatile artist.